We are a US-based Brand Development team specializing in the successful commercialization of innovative products for the US & Global Consumer markets. We have been offering our comprehensive services and helping our clients succeed since 2002. 

Sales & Distribution

We Provide Access to Every US Retail Buying Office

Task-Specific Programs designed to support critical outsourcing needs.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Programs

Finance & Investing

Financial Forecasting & Analysis, Due-diligence to understand risk/reward, access to capital resouirces & investors.

Media Buying/Planning

Experienced media planning & buying of all traditional media programs including TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor, Digital.

Sales Management

Experienced Sales Managers with a proven track record of success coupled with industry relationships that you need.

We Are Committed to Your New Product Success

Our clients are Retailers & Distributors, New Product Developers, Entrepreneurs, Sales rep groups, Marketing consultants and Investment firms. We work with our clients to build new products and to assess market potential before launching.  We understand the importance of new products and the step-by-step process required to fully commercialize a product idea or concept.


Through time-tested experience we've developed a system for commercializing new products and line-extensions. Whether using the Sellion System (TM) or your own launch platform, all successful Brand Development projects undergo similar innagural steps:


  • Research - indepth analysis of the market, competition, product P&L and more
  • Testing - online and live, in-store testing
  • Marketing Plan - a strategic planning tool for the entire organization


Our programs focus on the specifc needs of our clients and are designed to provide speed-to-market for new products. Everything we do is supported by syndicated data analysis and due-diligence. Our process leads to an educated understanding of the true potential for success, risk and return-on-investment, along with a structured launch timeline that is properly funded and prepared to meet the challenges of today's competitive landscape. 

Insider Tools of the Trade

Product Evaluation

Let the experts take a look at your new product before major resources are committed. A pre-launch must have!

Fast-Start Program

This innovate program prepares your New Product for launch and provides stakeholders with validation.

Financial Forecaster

Our comprehensive tool will help support your 'GO-NO GO' and provide critical P&L projections.

"We will add value to our relationship in every way possible. Through our knowledge, experience, relationships and our passion.

In the event we are unable to meet your requirements, we will strive to add value by finding alternative solutions that will lead to your success".

- William Feaster, Founder & CEO

Sellion Inc. is a Veteran-owned & operated US enterprise.

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